Stop Prosecutorial Misconduct.
End Prosecutorial Immunity.


Prosecutors misconduct led to 30% of all wrongful convictions.
Prosecutors concealed exculpatory evidence in 70% of those wrongful convictions.
Texas DA, Ken Anderson, is the ONLY prosecutor that has ever been jailed for misconduct that led to a wrongful conviction.

In April of 2022, the Colorado murder case against Barry Morphew was rightly dismissed. Barry Morphew is innocent and his case had more instances of prosecutorial misconduct than Iris has ever seen in her lengthy career.


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After securing the dismissal of the case against Mr. Morphew, Iris is now embarking on a campaign to bring awareness to the issue of prosecutorial misconduct and work toward having a District Attorney Accountability and Transparency passed in every state in the nation.

Meet Iris Eytan

Iris Eytan is a Denver-based criminal defense lawyer that has made a national name through securing high-profile dismissals of multiple cases involving egregious prosecutorial misconduct.

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